«green kitchen»


– A personal indoor garden for your home where you can grow herbs easily.

Aaron is a simple and asthetic planting-system. The plans will survive over more days without watering. A water reservoir and a capillary mat makes that possible. The choosen materials accomplish great attributes like the terra cotta pot. The natural material is able to manage a perfect absorption of water. Also the larch wood convinces becaus it is very resilient. The wooden base gives a strong, earthy character.

Aaron is fast and easy to set up. In the base (1), out of larch wood, lies a tray (2), which has different water chanals. This tray is in charge to spread the water to the capillary mat (3) on it. The wooden cover (4) has some cut-outs to place the terra cotta pots (5) at the right place. Water can be stored in the water reservoir (6). Over the valve gets the water trough the canals over the capillary mat and the pot to the roots.

2015, 3. Semester, HGK/FHNW (CH)
Teamwork with Jasmine Hafayedh
Supervisor: Olivier Berger and Sebastian Strohschein