Watch L1

– The DNA of an analog hand screwdriver conducts to a modest design watch.

Technology and humans melting together. Is there a point of intersection where the dicital world meets tradition and analogy? We succeeded this task while designing the watch L1 in the course «transformation design». The starting point was an alaog hand screwdriver. A modest, simple smartwatch has been arised where even the dicital display shows analogously traits.

VOut of our starting point - the analog hand screwdriver – we made a product DNA. Therefore we read the product in font/patter, terms, objects/shapes and material&color. Then we implemante this product-profile in a watch. We had terms like «ruchhnorzig», « centraldynamic», «gauche» or «mean». In objects and shape we asssociate the screwdriver for example with a coffee mil or the planetary system.

Because we decided to have a smartwatch and a dicital display, we got a nice planar clock face which has a very reduced layout. In the transition of the bracelett and the clock face we incorporate the shape oft he hand screwdriver. The leather gives the desired haptic.

2015, 3. Semester, HGK/FHNW (CH)
Teamwork with Tobias Kauer and Halima Hassan
Supervisor: Nicole Schneider