«illuinating beautiful»


– A reading luminair with a great light quality.

In my exchange in Sweden I got clear, that especially in wintertime the sun is very rar. Using lights is getting more important to have the opportunity of working even outside the less hours of daylight. «LUND» is an extraordany focused reading-light which disturbs also a soft light into the room. Through that, a warm, pleasent atmosphere is given in the living room or in a library .

With the extraordinarily height it can placed next to every couch or seat and gives a gentle light form above. This standing luminaire is thought to fit in environments like a library or a living room. With the hinge, the light can adjust very easily that the user can put it in the desired angle and direction.
In the front is a translucence plastic cylinder. Trough the smaller cylinder in this piece, the light gets soft and with the translucence it gives a nice distribution.


2016, 4. Semester, LTH/Lund University (Sweden)
Supervisor: Olof Kolte