– A swedish ticket vending machine for everyone.

We designed and developed a concept of a ticket vending machine in coropration with Skånetrafiken, the public transportation company from Souther Sweden. The iconic, often re-used arrow from Skånetrafiken came to the general shape of the ticket machine. Under request of the universal desing principles there should be considered the whole targe groupe including all poeple with any kind of disabilities.

The project started with Skånetrafiken sharing a valuable user analysis of the current machine. Doing research on similar, already existing machines, further valuable documents on user experiences were found. One on ATMs by Stelacon for the Swedish post and telecom authority was especially useful throughout the whole process, focusing on people with different disabilities.

After several trys fort he perfect mapping a final decision was taken. We placed all components underneath the screen because there they are reachable for everyone. Lastly the overall shape of the machine was refined, with both aesthetics and accessibility in mind.

Since the focus has been to work on the hardware, the interface has not been fully developed. However, the interface and the hardware should interact with each other, suggestions of the interface have been given.


2016, 4. semester, LTH/Lund University (Sweden)
In corporation with Skånetrafiken (public transportation Southern Sweden)
Teamwork with Erik Höglund, Fanny Klinteman und Hanna Lindgren
Supervisor: Håkan Eftring and Per-Olof Hedvall