«slick different»


– An active wheelchair for children that has a new aesthetic, which is precipitated by the defining form of the setting options.

Especially for handicapped children mobility gets often a problem. A rigid aid for transportation is also for the closer environment a challenge. But not with «Soey». Every setting element in this wheelchair are centered below the seat. With this advantage the wheelchair looks lighter, brisker and young.

The main discussion was about the aesthetic. Since a wheelchair for children needs to grow with the child, it is very challenging that it looks friendly. It needs a lot of settings that allows a perfect adaption to the child. According to that, the wheelchair was analyzed in these aspects. These setting elements contribute mainly to the form and led to the new design.

The result is a concept for a children wheelchair that contains all setting options below the seat centered in a boy. That enables a calm design and consistent appearance. The coloring and choice of material should provide an individual and personalized design for the child.


2016, 5. Semester IID/HGK/FHNW (CH)
Supervisor: Lutz Gebhardt