KitchenAid 2.0

– The traditional values of «KitchenAid» are gathered in a new functional and formal kitchen machine.

«KitchenAid» stands for quality and tradition. This very practical all-round kitchen machine hasn’t changed within the last 50 years. But in this project the traditional brand was formulated in a new design language. This was interpreted in a modern kitchen machine.

Through a short research and concept development more time was available to put the focus on the design process. Thereby everything was reconsidered from the design vocabulary to new functions. The course was named by the quotation from Mies van der Rohe «God is in the details». Thus the aesthetic of the product constitutes the core of this work.

The result is «KitchenAid 2.0», a formal totally new kitchen machine that conveys another brand language through a new approach in its function. The access to the bowl is not warrant by the tilt mechanism anymore. The motor is now moving vertical upwards what enables to reach the bowl. The product integrates itself in every urban kitchen with a reduced and plain design. The core competences of the brand «KitchenAid» are obtained.


2016, 5. Semester, IID/HGK/FHNW (CH)
Supervisor: Nicole Schneider und Prof. Werner Baumhakl